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3 Funds That Are Getting Barbecued

These funds are missing the rally.

3 Funds That Are Getting Barbecued
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Russel Kinnel: It’s barbecue season, and that’s a good thing as a few funds are absolutely getting barbecued out there. The US stock market is up about 10% on the year, but a handful of funds are very much in the red. Let’s take a look at who and why.

3 Funds That Are Getting Barbecued

  1. ARK Innovation ARKK
  2. Templeton Global Bond TPINX
  3. Eventide Gilead ETGLX

Negative-rated ARK Innovation ARKK is down 18%. While Coinbase has been a winner for it, Tesla and Roblox have been crushed. Rising competition from China and issues with the Cybertruck have knocked Tesla shares down 29% year to date. Roblox has been hurt by weakening user engagement and lower guidance on future growth. Finally, ARK has also been hurt by what it doesn’t own. It sold Nvidia shares years ago and thus has missed out on this year’s 130% gain that boosted a lot of its growth peers.

Meanwhile, Templeton Global Bond TPINX has lost about 8% this year. The Neutral-rated fund is bearish on the dollar and the US economy, and that’s hurt once again in 2024. The fund is a bold macro-driven vehicle that has gotten too many calls wrong of late. Even its five- and 10-year returns are in the red.

Our third fund is yet another bold, idiosyncratic fund that’s down 6%. Neutral-rated Eventide Gilead ETGLX has been smacked by diverse holdings like Xometry, Flywire, and Old Dominion Freight Line. Manager Finny Kurrivilla has a background in healthcare venture capital, and the fund has lots of small/mid-cap healthcare names with big potential but big risks. The quirky portfolio leads to quirky performance, as returns tend to vary widely from year to year.

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