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2022 Morningstar Investment Conference

Learn more about key sessions from this year’s annual investment conference.

The Morningstar Investment Conference delivers our signature research, insights, and analysis to professionals who want to empower investor success. And this year’s conference line-up, both in-person and digital, delivers the perspectives from Morningstar CEO Kunal Kapoor; Jenny Johnson, president and CEO of Franklin Templeton; and Dr. Raghuram Rajan, the former governor of the Reserve Bank of India and the chief economist and director of research at the International Monetary Fund, You can find more about the panels, discussion highlights, and suggested reads here. Make sure to follow @MorningstarInc on Twitter and use the hashtag #MICUS.

Meet the 2022 Winners of the U.S. Morningstar Awards for Investing Excellence

Baird's Mary Ellen Stanek and Primecap take home the honors.

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Morningstar's 2022 Investing Excellence Award winners share what makes a great investor, what they've learned from prior market crises, and more.

Watch: 2021 MIC Speaker Bill Browder: A Scared Putin Will Only Escalate the Conflict

In this recent sit-down video interview, the Hermitage CEO spoke to Morningstar about Russia, Ukraine, and his new book.


Opening Keynote: Active Personalization Is the New Active Investing

Watch as Morningstar CEO Kunal Kapoor highlights the tools available to the next generation of investors during his keynote address for the 2022 Morningstar Investment Conference.

Session Overview: Top-Rated Fund Manager on Where He's Investing Today

Watch as T. Rowe Price's David Giroux shares his thoughts about bond positioning, beaten-down Big Tech, and whether a recession is imminent. A virtual conversation with Giroux and moderator Sebastian Mitchell was part of MICUS Monday morning.


Session Overview: Building Generational Wealth for All Families

Financial literacy isn't the whole story. In this video, Sonya Dreizler and Phuong Luong discuss tools, strategies and resources to address the racial wealth gap. They'll be part of a MICUS panel discussion Tuesday afternoon.

Keynote: A Conversation With Jenny Johnson

The Franklin Templeton CEO discusses the firm’s pickup of Legg Mason and the future of active management. Johnson delivers a keynote address Tuesday afternoon.


Session Overview: Where in the World are Investment Opportunities?

Watch Causeway Capital CEO Sarah Ketterer discuss where she's investing today, why international stocks have lagged U.S. stocks, and why value managers are screaming with joy. Ketterer will join Fidelity's Sammy Simnegar and moderator Katie Reichart in conversation at MICUS.

Session Overview: The State of Retirement Income Today

In this video, PGIM’s David Blanchett meets with Christine Benz to share his thoughts on what a volatile stock market, rising yields, and inflation mean for the financial plans of retirees and pre-retirees. Blanchett and Benz are talking retirement income with Jeff Ptak and Karsten Jeske during MICUS on Wednesday.

For more, view the full conference agenda, complete with registration and online viewing information.

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