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2020 Morningstar Investment Conference

This year our annual investment conference has gone digital: view many of the sessions with’s reports.

The Morningstar Investment Conference has brought together industry leaders and investing experts in a new digital format to discuss the latest developments and share new perspectives on the market.

Attendees are hearing from speakers including BlackRock's Larry Fink and Rick Rieder, Anne Mathias from Vanguard, Michael Jantzi from Sustainalytics, and Morningstar CEO Kunal Kapoor, among others. Here you will find excerpts from several panels. You can follow along on social media as well: bookmark our hashtags to get live insights from the conference: #MICUS and #MICDigital. Opening Remarks from Morningstar CEO Kunal Kapoor Morningstar Investment Conference: Keynote With Kunal Kapoor Welcome to our digital 2020 event.

Session Excerpt: Behavioral Science to Help Investors During Strange Times Morningstar's Samantha Lamas, Michael Leung, and Steve Wendel speak about recognizing biases and emotions that affect investors and techniques to help advisors assist.

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  • Is Recency Bias Swaying Your Investing Decisions?
  • Check Your Biases When Making Money Decisions
  • How to Manage Client Conversations During Turbulent Markets
  • Why You Need To Understand Behavioral Investor Types
  • Investing Habits in Times of Turmoil
  • Can Interest in ESG Investing Hold Up During a Pandemic?

Interview--The Future of Advice with Cathy Curtis Cathy Curtis of Curtis Financial Planning spoke with Christine Benz as part of the MIC discussions around the future of advice. During the full event, Alan Moore of the XY Planning Network and Don Phillips of Morningstar also dove into key issues in independent investment advisory practices today.

Session Excerpt: Dead Again? Value Managers Say Their Style Is Far From Over For more than a decade, large value has been one of the most difficult factors to own. Moderator Linda Abu Mushrefov of Morningstar asks if clients should continue to stick it out to Chuck Bath of Diamond Hill Capital Management, Ramona Persaud of Fidelity Investments, and David Wallack of T. Rowe Price.

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  • Chuck Bath: The Evolution of a Value Investor
  • Value Investing: When History May Not Be Enough
  • Growth Parties Like It's 1999, but Don't Rule Out Value
  • Whither Vanguard's Active U.S. Equity Funds?
  • Value Investing Isn't Broken
  • Value Investing Revisited

Session Excerpt: The World in 2030: Cannabis, 5G, EVs, Renewables, and Pharma Senior stock analysts from Morningstar share their long-term forecasts and recommendations for a select group of names that address key themes in the coming decade.

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