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2018 Morningstar Investment Conference

Follow our annual investment conference with’s on-the-spot reports and one-on-one interviews with some of the industry’s best investing minds.

From June 11-13, the Morningstar Investment Conference will bring together the most innovative minds in investing.

From continued questions about stock valuations to the path of interest rates to the future of advice, there will be no shortage of big issues to tackle this year.

Attendees will hear keynote presentations from Jeremy Grantham, Mellody Hobson, Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman, Morningstar CEO Kunal Kapoor, Kevin Kelly from Wired, and Schwab's Walter Bettinger.

Morningstar analysts will lead discussions with notable investors and speakers including Oakmark's David Herro, Diana Strandberg from Dodge & Cox, and Fidelity's Steve Wymer. will offer coverage of the entire conference, including analyst blogs from top panels and video interviews with featured managers. Watch this page for live updates.

Monday Schwab: Automated Solutions Aim to Help Clients Streamline CEO Walter Bettinger says enabling technologies can help advisor practices be more efficient and deliver a better client experience.

Tuesday Kahneman: Understanding Biases Can Improve Outcomes Daniel Kahneman discusses how knowing the principles of behavioral psychology can help advisors help their clients.

The Bond-Picker's Guide to Fixed-Income Strategies Experts at the Morningstar Investment Conference discuss the state of the corporate bond market, how firms position their funds, and the potential impact of the growth of the BBB and bank loan markets.

Research Affiliates: Spread Factor Bets and Time Carefully Research Affiliates' Feifei Li discusses the firm's approach to multifactor funds.

The Evolving Retirement Planning Landscape Morningstar's retirement experts discuss the challenges facing retirement funding today.

PIMCO: Credit Investors in for a Rude Awakening in 2018 PIMCO's Mohit Mittal says he sees some opportunities in credit, but is exercising caution around retail, chemicals, and broadcasters.

Emerging Opportunities Up-and-coming markets are coming into their own.

How to Hire--and Fire--Funds in a Portfolio Practitioners discuss what they look for and how to know when it's time to sell.

How Artificial Intelligence Could Impact Investing Experts examine how asset managers are leveraging artificial intelligence and other smart tools.

Bond-Pickers See Vulnerabilities Building in Marketplace Elaine Stokes of Loomis Sayles Bond says more says more investment-grade debt may become high yield in the next cycle.

Take a Balanced Approach to Sourcing Cash Flows Experts discuss the pros and cons of various income-oriented strategies.

Making Sense of the Multitude of Multifactor ETFs Investors should do their homework to fully understand mixed and integrated multifactor ETFs.

Grantham: Protect the Planet, Profit From Green Causes Jeremy Grantham says divesting of oil and chemical companies may well help investors' portfolios.

In Defense of Defensive Equity Investing Funds that try to protect on the downside have been popular. Should they be?

Big Data, Machine Learning, and AI in Portfolio Management BlackRock's Kevin Franklin explains how investors get comfortable with applying these tools to money management.

Zhang: Opportunity in Healthcare Amid Digital Transformation Amy Zhang, portfolio manager of the Alger's Small Cap Focus Fund, explains how the fund focuses on healthcare and technology.

Hobson: Ariel Still Finding Value Ariel Investments president Mellody Hobson says the firm does not believe the tax cut is fully priced into the market today.

At J.P. Morgan, Risk, Return at Work on Multifactor Equities Yasmin Dahya of J.P. Morgan Asset Management says there's value in reducing concentration risk while accessing the potential for higher returns from factor investing.

Diversification Still Key Despite Tear for Large-Caps Experts say traditional portfolio diversification continues to be relevant in today's markets.

Grantham: U.S. Stocks Pricey but Could Avoid Major Decline (1/4) The lack of crazy euphoria in the market today may mean the market could bump along versus seeing a precipitous, sudden decline.

Grantham: Emerging Markets Equities 'Priced not too Badly' (2/4) Jeremy Grantham suggests avoiding the U.S. equity market and keeping bond duration short.

Mean Reversion Has Slowed Down, not Vanished (3/4) The rise of giant capital light businesses has stalled the cycle of regression to the mean of corporate returns on equity, says GMO's Jeremy Grantham.

Oil's Response to Climate Change Bad for Investors (4/4) The oil industry's decision to not grapple with climate change means those firms will grow at a slower clip than the broader markets, says Jeremy Grantham.

Why Vanguard Overweights Small Caps in Its Multifactor ETFs Factors like value, momentum, and quality have historically worked better for firms further down the market cap spectrum, says Vanguard's Antonio Picca.

With Emerging-Markets Sell-Off, Opportunity in Corporates Penny Foley of TCW Emerging Markets Income discusses the emerging-markets' debt spectrum and the fund's allocation to EM local debt.

Walsh: Evaluating Risks Is Key in Defensive Equity Investing Meggan Walsh of Invesco Diversified Dividend says risks today include misallocation of capital, operating leverage, and financial leverage.

Capital Group: Multimanager System the 'Best of Both Worlds' Brad Vogt of Capital Group's American Funds says having a complementary group of managers and analysts at the helm leads to concentration and conviction balanced with diversification at the fund level.

Lester: The 3 Biggest Risks Retirees Face Anne Lester, manager of JPMorgan's SmartRetirement Target-Date series, discusses increased flows to passive strategies in the target-date space and the firm's research on decumulation strategies.

Goldman Sachs: How Big Data, AI Benefit Investors Osman Ali, a portfolio manager with Goldman Sachs, argues that money managers are using data sets to invest differently.

Fidelity: Making the Case for Low-Vol Strategies Darby Nielson explains how these equity strategies can work in an investor's portfolio.

Wednesday Global Gold Two top stock-pickers shared their strategies for success.

Kinnel's Take on Grantham, Tencent, and Manager Selection Russ Kinnel shares his thoughts on the speakers and presentations at the 30th Morningstar Investment Conference.

Tax-Free Yield: Finding Opportunity, Avoiding Potholes Puerto Rico, Illinois, and tobacco continue to polarize, but opportunity remains in the muni market.

A 3rd Dimension to Client Portfolios: Impact Experts discuss how to help clients establish portfolios that align with their intentions and values.

Are Growth Strategies Poised for a Comeback? Is it time to reconsider active U.S. large-cap growth strategies?

Wymer: Why Competitive Advantage Is Key When Picking Stocks Steve Wymer from Fidelity talks about differentiating between companies that are innovating and providing value for shareholders.

Strandberg: Corporate Governance Has Improved Over My Career (1/3) Dodge & Cox's Diana Strandberg says there's more short-term noise in the markets today, but earnings and cash flow still drive the long-term value of companies.

Strandberg: Attractive Areas in Emerging Markets (2/3) Dodge & Cox's Diana Strandberg says Samsung has strong fundamentals and a very low valuation.

Dodge & Cox: 2 Sectors with Compelling Values (3/3) Dodge & Cox's Diana Strandberg says valuations among European financials and pharmaceuticals look attractive.

Herro: What’s Changed, What Hasn’t, Since the 1980s Oakmark International’s David Herro says global information flow is faster, for better and for worse.

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