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Real Estate Moat Stocks

This sector includes mortgage companies, property management companies, and REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts). REITs typically own multiple properties of one or more real estate type such as apartments, shopping malls, data storage centers, and office buildings. Here we highlight companies with a wide or narrow economic moat. An economic moat is a durable competitive advantage that allows a company to earn excess returns on capital for a long period of time and keep competitors at bay. Morningstar analysts assign every company they cover an economic moat rating of wide, narrow, or none.
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Morningstar Rating for Stocks
Fair Value
Fair Value Uncertainty
Market Cap
American Tower Corp
Real Estate$215.00Medium$98.1 Bil
CBRE Group Inc Class A
Real Estate$90.00High$30.0 Bil
CoStar Group Inc
Real Estate$80.00Medium$30.4 Bil
Hwvts Bjmhds Chk
Real Estate$135.00Medium$45.7 Bil
Zztddyb Ygblyn Vxdzq Zdkmxz
Real Estate$135.00High$50.4 Bil
Ctkzthj Bnj
Real Estate$710.00Medium$74.7 Bil
Fdctr Thdh VjKbpnr Frq
Real Estate$210.00High$11.0 Bil
KN Gprttbnx Whq PHM
Real Estate$15.00Very High$17.4 Bil
TXY Rtvkjzylzgjgbv Lbtv Tvqgt KX
Real Estate$250.00Medium$22.5 Bil
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