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Leader Capital

Leader Capital Parent Rating


In a competitive industry, Leader Capital does n't differentiate itself enough, leading to an Average Parent Pillar rating.

The experienced longest-tenured portfolio management at Leader Capital is a core advantage over global asset management peers. With 16 years of average tenure across the management group, it is clear they've been put through their paces. Portfolio manager turnover at Leader Capital has been low over the past five years, building confidence that the firm is working to establish a stable and engaging culture. Fees on open-end and exchange-traded funds are a weakness of the firm, contributing negatively to the rating. On average, expenses on its funds are within the most expensive quintile compared with category peers. With the current market environment of fee compression, this is cause for concern, as investors may flock over time to alternate asset managers to get a better deal.

Leader Capital Investments


US Open-end ex MM ex FoF ex Feeder

Total Net Assets

748.50 Mil

Investment Flows (TTM)

493.79 Mil

Asset Growth Rate (TTM)


# of Share Classes


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