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Need a New Year's Rebalance? These 3 Bond Funds Can Help

Look to these Morningstar favorites if surging markets have knocked your portfolio's mix off course.

Susan Dziubinski: Hi. I'm Susan Dziubinski from After enjoying a surging U.S. stock market performance in 2019, investors may find that their stock-bond mix has gotten out of whack. Here are three of our favorite bond funds for restoring balance in the new year.

Brian Moriarty: Metropolitan West Total Return Bond Fund is one of our favorite funds for filling out the fixed-income allocation in an investor's portfolio. The fund is run by four impressive managers: Tad Rivelle, Laird Landmann, Steve Kane, and Bryan Whalen, three of whom have been on the fund since its 1997 inception. The managers are supported by a large experienced group of specialists, analysts, and traders. And as a whole, this is one of the strongest teams in the intermediate core-plus bond category. The managers execute a disciplined strategy that often sees them cut risk as market cycles age and add risk during periods of turmoil. It's this quality that makes the fund something that investors may want to consider today. The equity and fixed-income markets have been on a significant run in 2019. But this fund has been conservatively positioned. Indeed, relative to its core-plus peers, it has one of the most conservative portfolios in the category.