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Rekenthaler Report

When Everything Declines at Once

Past correlations are a hazardous guide for the future.

Kitchen Chat
Every Morningstar floor has a soda dispenser, coffee machine, and sink. The other day, I went to get some water. The dispenser was broken. No worries, I would pour some coffee instead. Foiled again: That machine was shut down and, it turns out, so was the sink. Everything was out.

This puzzled me. Sure, the soda dispenser, as with the copy machine and my car, is unreliable. It was no surprise to see it shuttered. The coffee machine is more dependable but occasionally misfires. It was therefore possible to envision both contraptions being simultaneously out of commission. But the sink? It had never failed before. Peculiar that the one time that it did, the two appliances were also not working.

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