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Should 401(k) Plans Embrace Alternative Investments?

A startup is providing 401(k) plans with a difference.

New Ideas
The fund industry's trade publication, Ignites, reports that a startup is providing 401(k) plans with a difference. (No link, paywalled.) Rocket Dollar's offering "enables you to invest beyond traditional stocks and bonds." Rocket Dollar 401(k) plans enable their owners to buy cryptocurrency, rental properties, and venture-capital funds. Perhaps they wish to make small business loans. When it comes to possible investments, "the sky's the limit" for those who board the Rocket Dollar...rocket.

Well, sort of. The company's website carries the warning that the investments must be "allowed by the IRS." That eliminates collectibles, including gold coins. Missing is another caveat: Many of Rocket Dollar's suggested investments are, by SEC regulations, private placements for accredited investors. Rank-and-file employees need not apply.