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Special Report

Morningstar's 2017 Portfolio Makeover Week

Nov. 13-17: Christine Benz helps investors check their progress, assess allocations, target holes and overlap, and upgrade their holdings.

A lofty market--like the one that has prevailed since early 2009--tends to prompt investors to take stock. They eye enlarged balances, wondering if an early retirement might be possible after all. They worry about enlarged equity portfolios: Are they taking more risk than they should be, given their life stage? They might also fret about taxes, because high returns can translate into higher tax bills.

At, we've developed our annual Portfolio Makeover Week to help showcase real-life strategies for helping investors navigate these and other questions. Our 2017 makeovers, which will run Nov. 13- 17, feature the "before" portfolios of actual investors at various life stages and asset levels.