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Morningstar Moments: 3 Things You May Have Missed

Our analysts talked about Biden's tax proposal, disruptive technology, and financial advice.

Here are the major market moments our analysts have been talking about.  

1) Taking a Closer Look at the Fine Print

Following the word of President Joe Biden's corporate tax proposal, high-income taxpayers started worrying. It has yet to pass, so there is still some time--right? Actually, the effective date may have already passed. How is this possible? Sheryl Rowling gives us some context and shares some tips for advisors with clients who find themselves in this boat. 

2) With Great Risk Comes the Potential of Higher-Than-Average Returns

Disruptive technology stocks require a lot of patience, writes Dave Sekera. Why? Between the heightened volatility and high degree of risk, these stocks are not for just any investor. Find out if disruptive technology stocks are the right fit for you and your portfolio. 

3) Avoid a Mix-Up

Financial advice and investment advice are not the same--especially for investors who are in their early days of accumulating wealth. Christine Benz encourages investors to look at the bigger picture before they open up their wallets. 

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