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Special Report

Your Inflation Toolkit

How to think about inflation, your money, and your investments.

Apparently inflation isn’t dead after all.

Many consumers these days are feeling the sting of inflation, even if official Consumer Price Index numbers remain subdued. The CPI tracks the cost of a fixed basket of goods and services. However, the cost of the goods consumers have been buying most during the pandemic--like groceries--has risen, while the cost of the goods they’ve been buying less of--say, gas--hasn’t. As a result, the cost of living for many has climbed no matter what the CPI’s math indicates.

Furthermore, the Federal Reserve is pursuing a new strategy, whereby it’ll allow inflation to edge above its 2% target rate before raising interest rates--and the Fed says it will allow inflation to run at a 2%-plus rate “for some time.”

In this special report, Morningstar’s experts discuss how to think about inflation today, examine your own personal inflation rate, and safeguard against inflation’s corrosive effect on your investments.

What's Your Personal Inflation Rate?
Take stock of your spending to determine if inflation is an issue for you.

Should You Worry About Inflation and Your Portfolio?
Life stage makes a difference.

Why You Should Still Care About Inflation
It hasn’t been much of an issue lately, but it’s still a long-term threat.

21 Picks for Inflation Protection
These highly rated mutual funds and exchange-traded funds may provide varying degrees of shelter, but buyer beware.

What if Inflation Isn’t Dead?
Forgotten does not necessarily mean expired.

Cash as an Inflation Hedge
It fares surprisingly well, if the Federal Reserve obliges.