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Special Report: Are You Ready to Retire?

Let us walk you through practical steps to ensure you're on the right track for retirement.

Investors on the precipice of retirement have their work cut out for them--particularly today.

For starters, the coronavirus pandemic has led some to consider retiring earlier than they might’ve originally planned.

Further, with interest rates so low, generating income in retirement is a significant challenge. And for many, pensions aren't a part of the picture.

On top of that, retirees need their portfolios to last two decades or longer.

In this Special Report, Morningstar will walk through practical steps to ensure that you're on the right track. Topics include estimating how much you'll spend in retirement; strategies for maximizing portfolio cash flows in retirement; determining how much income your portfolio can safely provide; ideas for bridging a retirement shortfall; and how to build a portfolio today that'll let you retire comfortably tomorrow.

Can You Retire? Should You?

A Retirement Readiness Checklist Determining if you're on track to retire can be more manageable if you break it into smaller steps.

Retiring During a Pandemic How to handle this decision--even when it is made for you.

An Investing Road Map for Retirees For people in drawdown mode, tips on asset allocation, Social Security, annuities, withdrawal rates, and more.

An Investing Road Map for Pre-Retirees The late 50s and early 60s are the perfect time for investors to embark on a savings sprint, assess the viability of their portfolio, and build out their stake in safer securities.

Get a Vision for Retirement and Establish Income Needs

7 Steps to Estimating Your In-Retirement Cash-Flow Needs Rules of thumb may be too high for affluent retirees with high savings rates, but healthcare costs are a major swing factor.

How Health Shocks Affect Retirement Spending Most retirees seem able to weather an expensive medical bill.

Inflation and Your Retirement Contributor Mark Miller unpacks the impact inflation has on retirees and how to prepare for it.

Assess Nonportfolio Income Sources--Including Social Security

A Checklist for Retirement Cash Flows Maximizing nonportfolio sources of income can reduce demands on your portfolio.

Is an Annuity Right for You? To understand whether these complicated products might suit you, start with the goals you have for your money.

Is Delaying Social Security Still Smart? How volatile markets and concerns over the program's finances should affect claiming decisions for pre-retirees and early retirees.

Why Wait for Social Security? Our experts discuss the perks and perturbations of delaying your filing.

When Do Lump Sum Pension Buyouts Make Sense? Contributor Mark Miller discusses the pros and cons to consider before accepting these offers.

Evaluate Nest Egg Viability and Spending Rates

Is the '4% Rule' Broken? Retirement researcher Wade Pfau discusses why low yields put this withdrawal rule at risk and what strategies retirees can use instead.

How to Create a Retirement Policy Statement Use our template to document your retirement assets, strategy, and spending system.

Morningstar's Guide to Setting Your Withdrawal Rate Here's how to tap into your nest egg when the time comes.

How to Bridge a Retirement Shortfall A combination of incremental, not revolutionary, changes can help bridge the gap.

Review Portfolio Positioning

The Bucket Investor's Guide to Setting Asset Allocation for Retirement Use anticipated spending needs and probabilities of a positive return over your time horizon to back into the right mix of cash, bonds, and stocks.

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