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Morningstar Intelligence Engine

The Future of Investing Starts Here

As the mountains of investing data grow and the universe of investment choices expands, we know investors need a better way to sort through it all. The Morningstar Intelligence Engine uses artificial intelligence to help you get the information you want, faster than ever, in the formats you need. This isn’t just an evolution of investing, it’s a revolution.

Research Redefined

Intelligence Engine (now in beta testing with our initial chatbot, Mo) lets anyone dig into Morningstar’s breadth of investment research and data without mastering an interface or knowing the jargon. Just ask a question—it processes natural language, grabs from our well of content, and gives you a concise response in seconds.

Meet Mo

Mo is a digital research assistant that puts Morningstar’s research just a question away. Drawing from our extensive investment data and research library (including every article published for, Mo is designed to surface and summarize our independent insights in a conversational format for investors and investment professionals alike. It can do what no human can: read and recall the hundreds of thousands of research reports Morningstar produces, in seconds. Mo does not provide investment advice.

The beta-test version of Mo can be used today, in Morningstar Investor and in Direct Compass, which is included in every Morningstar Direct license and many configurations of Morningstar Advisor Workstation. There is no additional charge to use Mo.

Here’s How It Works

Intelligence Engine has three key components:

A Morningstar database, where our editorial, managed investment research, and equity research reside.

OpenAI’s large language model, which processes questions and constructs responses.

A process layer that tests for relevance and responsiveness.

Morningstar chose to work with Microsoft’s Azure Open AI Service because of Microsoft’s commitment to privacy, which ensures that our user data will not be used to train the OpenAI large language model.

This Is Just the Beginning

Mo is the first of several applications planned to be built on the Morningstar Intelligence Engine platform. It is far from perfect, but that’s the idea! We look forward to learning how people interact with the beta so we can improve and expand its capabilities to make the day-to-day investing experience better.

Innovating Responsibly

Morningstar is nothing without the trust we’ve earned from investors over nearly 40 years. And we’re committed to honoring your trust in the age of artificial intelligence. This is new territory for everyone, and we’re working and listening to make sure we explore it responsibly, just as we have with every single innovation over the years.

Step Into the Future With Us

Take beta-test version of Mo for a spin in these products:

Morningstar Investor

Empowers individual investors with the research, data, and tools they need to make more informed decisions and stay on track with their investing goals.

Direct Compass

Helps advisors select investments, monitor performance, and inform client communications, so they can keep every client on track.

Morningstar Advisor Workstation

Gives advisors the tools they need to provide great advice at scale, from personalized plans to high-touch service, and build their business.

Morningstar Direct

Unites our data and institutional research in an investment analysis platform that combines proprietary and third-party content, rigorous analytics, data science, and reporting tools.

Connect With Us

Join us as we explore the future of investing.