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Morningstar Direct gives you the data and capabilities you need, tailored to the way you work. If you’re working with managed products, you need Morningstar Direct to do your job, it’s the industry standard.

Contextualize the market

Our expansive data and independent research help you unpack complexity and move with industry shifts, so your analysis is always clear, meaningful, and relevant.

A Brand-New Way to See Portfolios

Morningstar Direct Lens is a new experience that lets you create, edit, and analyze portfolios quickly and efficiently using a clear, intuitive interface. Lens was built from the ground up to help modern portfolio managers construct and analyze investment strategies before they hit the market, or and continuing to optimize them after they launch. Users spend less time flipping between windows and applications and more time adding value by saving time, saving money, and eliminating the need for additional technology stacks and data systems.

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Data that makes a difference

Quality data doesn’t just ground effective analysis; it builds trust. Show your clients how your recommendations align with their goals with our global dataset that’s one of the broadest in the industry.

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Powerful research and ratings

Evolve your expertise with insights from one of the largest teams of independent equity and managed-product analysts in the world and capitalize on the industry trends most relevant to your work. Our complex research methodologies surface as digestible ratings in our reporting capabilities.

Advanced analytics, simplified

Conduct advanced investment analysis and research with Analytics Lab.

Start coding

Analyze prebuilt Morningstar data sets to simplify your workflows.

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Software to Analyze Investments and Portfolios

When your products beat benchmarks, you stand out from the crowd. Morningstar Direct gives you the tools to build strategies and products that put client goals––and your strengths––at center stage.

Deepen your analysis with asset flows

Our historical fund-flow data and forecasts bring investor preferences to light so you can build more competitive and relevant products.

Assess market position with performance reporting

Calculate outcomes across multiple variables at once by curating and grouping investments based on your needs.

Lead with sustainability solutions

Our research, ratings, and data help you navigate the evolving definitions and regulations that surround sustainable investing, so you’re a reliable resource for your clients, no matter the topic.

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Transform threats into opportunities with risk analysis

Understand the potential impact different risk factors and scenarios can have on every portfolio to avoid threats and improve outcomes for your clients.

Meet Mo

Mo is a digital research assistant that puts Morningstar’s research just a question away. Drawing from our extensive investment data and research library (including every article published for, Mo is designed to surface and summarize our independent insights in a conversational format for investors and investment professionals alike. It can do what no human can: read and recall the hundreds of thousands of research reports Morningstar produces, in seconds. Mo does not provide investment advice.

The beta-test version of Mo can be used today in Direct Compass, which is included in every Morningstar Direct license. There is no additional charge to use Mo.

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Communicate your value

Your story matters. The reporting solutions in Morningstar Direct amplify your message and brand presence with custom proposals and reports.

Custom-fit collateral

Presentation Studio unites your firm under one cohesive, compelling story that highlights your strengths and brand.

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Seamless report distribution

Report Portal––an add-on that integrates with your existing Morningstar Direct and Presentation Studio tools––streamlines distributing collateral to client-facing groups and keeps the whole team connected with custom templates approved by your compliance team.

Here’s the latest addition to the Morningstar Direct user experience:

Image of Morningstar Direct Portfolio Hub

Get All of Our Portfolio Discovery, Monitoring, and Reporting Capabilities in One Place

The Portfolio Hub brings together Morningstar Direct’s research, data, and tools in a single connected space, so your portfolio work is smoother, quicker, and more efficient.

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