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Build and manage investments.


How your business will continue to compete is one of the most critical questions
facing firms. With new regulations and shifts in investor preferences, it’s important that your solutions are as relevant as they are financially sound. 


Stand out from competitors.

Position your products to succeed by better understanding the investment landscape and responding to demand. You can dig deep into the data and research to surface what best sets you apart from other asset managers and appeals to investors around the world.


Study the competitive landscape.

With our robust managed investment database and sophisticated peer group analytics, you can quickly gain business intelligence on your competitive position and opportunities for lineup diversification.


Understand investor preferences.

Uncover what investors really value with our comprehensive asset flows data and respond to popular preferences like goals-based or sustainability investing.


Promote your strengths.

Demonstrate how well your products are meeting mandates and investor needs. Isolate key drivers of success to help support your future approach.


Complete Fund Flows Data


We offer comprehensive estimated asset flow and market share data, along with insights from our analysts, so you can develop and market products, benchmark your competition, and dig into our methodology.

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Create client portfolios.


Your top priority is helping clients meet their objectives. Arm yourself with the market data and analytical tools you need to assist them in making their goals a reality.


Construct models and assemble portfolios.

Build models and portfolios that reflect how your asset allocation strategies can help meet client goals. You can also test them using our forecasting engine to get an idea of scenarios for future performance. And you can support your recommendations with research from our independent team of analysts.

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Find investments. 

Create a scorecard—based on criteria you set—that looks for investments with specific returns, exposure, and sectors, then watch how they respond to market changes in real time.


Track your strategy.

Continuously monitor investments to see what’s driving their success, and what’s negatively impacting them, by analyzing attribution, exposure, and style.


Report back to clients.

Build your own plan review books and reports on individual investments or a portfolio’s overall status to show performance and talk strategy changes.      



Connect with investors.


Equip your sales team and advisors with relevant information, so you always know investors are getting the right message about their investments.


Design and distribute reports and presentations.

Build elegant plan review books and compliant fact sheets using designed templates and a flexible system. Because you need the appropriate materials to make a strong case for your investments and explain how they fit in to a portfolio—ready when you are.

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Position investments.

Make a compelling case for your investments by comparing them holistically and highlighting what sets them apart.


Support your field team.

Ensure consistency and maximize efficiency by distributing updated reports and messaging on a timely basis from one centralized location. You can also review the usage of your materials to gauge trends and preferences.


Gain market intelligence.

Analyze how your investments are being compared to others so you can tailor your sales approach based on your competition. Generate relevant reports featuring topics that clients want to discuss. Then watch how they are resonating in the field.


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