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Financial Data Aggregation for Wealth Technology Platforms

Fueling innovation and helping organizations deliver the next-level excellence in wealth management.

Depicts investment use cases such as a reporting document, a heart to show financial wellness, and a computer monitor to show digital analysis.

The Financial Data Aggregator for Investment Use Cases

ByAllAccounts® delivers granular, highly enriched investment data that is interoperable, meaning it covers requirements across all your data needs. ByAllAccounts is designed for complex investment use cases, including performance reporting, portfolio analysis, portfolio rebalancing, financial planning, financial wellness, and trade compliance management.

Empower Your Advisors to Provide Personalized and Holistic Advice

Investors can be confident that their advisor fully understands their asset allocation, investment activity, and risk tolerance. ByAllAccounts captures a holistic view of an investor’s finances—both held and held-away:

Investment (brokerage, retirement, 529, etc.)
Insurance (annuity, life)
Banking (checking, savings, etc.)
Liabilities (credit cards, mortgages, loans)

Professional Site Coverage for Advisor Managed Accounts

ByAllAccounts supports 15,000+ data sources for your clients’ held-away accounts. Advisors also have access to over 1,200 institutional site connections to support aggregation of advisor-managed accounts.

See How a 360-Degree View Can Enable Personalized Advice

Give Your Customers a Competitive Advantage

The right choice for investment-focused advisors. ByAllAccounts is the only data aggregator exclusively focused on the needs of the advisor, investor, and platforms that support them. When you’re choosing a data aggregator, make sure you consider the following:

Source Coverage and Reliability

Comprehensive data from more than 15,000 sources—including cash, investments, credit, cryptoassets, loans, and mortgages. Our long-tail includes an industry-leading number of retirement plan providers and 401(k) recordkeeper sources.

Efficient Interoperable Data

Interoperable data allows the back-office analyst, advisor, and investor to leverage the same data sets. Structured data fits end-system requirements with a flexible delivery process for customized fields and business rules.

Increase AUA and AUM

Advisors can finally see their investors’ entire financial picture. They’ll have many new opportunities to increase their assets under advisement or management.

Higher-Quality, More Accurate Data

Investment data is especially noisy and unstructured. We combine proprietary tools to normalize and enrich data to deliver actionable investment insights.

Lower Costs With ByAllAccounts Data Feeds

ByAllAccounts builds and maintains a comprehensive and growing network of institutional feeds so you don’t need to build your own. Scale quickly and focus on serving your clients.

More Opportunities With Morningstar

ByAllAccounts appends data with internal Morningstar IDs to integrate easily with other Morningstar products and services, giving you more opportunities for advanced solutions.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our experienced team of data experts and account representatives understand the investment landscape. We’re ready to help you achieve your goals.

Get Investment-Focused Data Now

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