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Morningstar Moments: Inflation Trends and Rebalancing Tips

Did you know shareholders get a say in how much CEOs get paid?

1) Retirees vs. Inflation

How long will inflation drive retirement trends in 2022? With the rising prices and costs of living, retirees may have some unique challenges awaiting them in 2022.

predicts the effects this will have on the Social Security cost-of-living adjustment, explains the Part B hike, and more.

2) Amy Says: Rebalance

At Morningstar, we recommend doing a yearly portfolio rebalancing. If it’s been longer than a year ... or three ... have no fear.

is here to test strategies for investors who need to dust off their portfolios.

3) The Power of “Say on Pay”

Let’s break this down:

  • The What: shareholders get to approve the compensation every year for a company's CEO, CFO, and top three most highly paid officers
  • The When: once a year on the company's proxy ballot
  • The Why: to correct the incentive pay practices

Leslie Norton and Jackie Cook explain how this could push companies to meet emission-reduction targets.

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