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Morningstar Moments: 3 Things You May Have Missed

Growth's June comeback, retiring early, and wide-moat stocks were hot topics our analysts tweeted about this week.

Here are the major market moments our analysts have been talking about.

1. Growth Stocks Are Back, All Right!

Growth stocks outpaced value in June, thanks to technology for carrying the team along with some help from the communication services and healthcare sectors. Value and growth stocks have been taking turns as the leader.

illustrates the trends from the second quarter.

2. How Saving More Can Spark a FIRE

A FIRE has been spreading among millennials for some time. The FIRE movement, which stands for financial independence, retire early, is all about cutting down your current spending and saving more so you can retire as early as your 30s.


sat down with

to talk about his early retirement, the lifestyle choices he has made, and more.

3. Find Value With Wide-Moat Stocks

Stocks have been on the rise, which means that finding bargains for your portfolio hasn’t been easy. With the market trading above fair value, where can investors turn?

has some ideas.

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