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Mark Your Calendar for the 2022 Midyear Portfolio Review

Hi, I'm Christine Benz. I'm director of personal finance and retirement planning for Morningstar.

This year has been a nerve-wracking one for investors. We've had rising interest rates and inflation, which have contributed to stocks and bonds falling simultaneously. In an upcoming webcast, I'll be discussing how to check up on your portfolio at midyear. I'll recap which investment categories have actually performed well this year, and the many that haven't. More important, I'll discuss how to check up on your own portfolio's positioning: its asset allocation and suballocations and its sensitivity to further interest-rate changes. I'll also delve into how to make sure your portfolio is positioned to defend against a looming inflationary and recessionary threat. I'll also discuss some tax changes to consider. Please join us.

Watch my "Midyear Portfolio Checkup" webcast on starting at noon on Wednesday, July 6.

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