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Financial Tips for Young Adults

Answers to your finance and money questions.

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Over the summer, I hit a milestone: I turned 25. Friends and family who reached this milestone before me have lovingly referred to it as the highly anticipated “quarter-life crisis.” For example, once you turn 25, the real countdown begins: the remaining days you have until you are kicked off your parents’ insurance.

While I’m trying to bask in the glow of making another trip around the sun, officially reaching my mid-20s feels like it’s finally time to start acting like a “real adult” and setting myself up for my future in many ways—especially financially.

Becoming a “real adult” comes with a learning curve—and a lot of questions. Whether you just hit your quarter-life mark or passed it already, let’s not be afraid to admit we’re trying to figure it all out. Instead, let’s do it together. In this series of financial advice for young adults, I will be exploring the biggest questions my fellow 20-somethings and I have about money, investing, and being a “real adult.”

Let’s figure out these financial milestones and hurdles together:

Watch and learn how current market events can affect you:

Here’s my breakdown on more topics and frequently asked questions:

As we continue navigating adulthood, I’ll be adding to these lists. If another topic or question comes to mind, feel free to email

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