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Aron Szapiro

Aron Szapiro is head of retirement studies and public policy for Morningstar.

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Morningstar launched the Global Investor Experience study in 2009 to encourage a dialogue about global best practices for mutual funds from the perspective of fund shareholders. We've produced the study every two years. To provide greater focus, for this sixth edition we are publishing each chapter of the study independently. This is the second chapter, focused on Regulation and Taxation, which follows the Fees and Expenses chapter published in September 2019. The remaining chapters of this edition will be published later in 2020.

Yes, really. A fiscal stimulus could significantly help Americans manage the current economic crisis.

More About Aron Szapiro

Aron Szapiro is head of retirement studies and public policy for Morningstar. Szapiro is responsible for developing research reports on policy matters, coordinating official responses to regulatory proposals, and providing investor-focused comments on policy issues to clients and the press. He also chairs Morningstar’s Public Policy Council. Szapiro also heads the Morningstar Center for Retirement Studies. His research has been covered in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Journal of Retirement, and on National Public Radio.

Before assuming his current role in June 2021, he served as Morningstar’s head of policy research and as policy and finance expert at HelloWallet, a former subsidiary of Morningstar. Previously, he was a senior analyst at the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), specializing in retirement security issues and pension plan policy. He also worked at the New Jersey General Assembly Majority Office.

Szapiro holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Grinnell College and a master’s in public policy from Johns Hopkins University.

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