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Waterless Beauty and Olive Tree People Achieves over 2000% Q1 Growth and 450% Q1 Growth for Oliveda International, Inc.

SANTA MONICA, CA, May 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Oliveda International, Inc. (OTC Pink: OLVI) today announced that the waterless beauty movement and subsidiary, Olive Tree People Inc., are growing by over 2000% compared to the previous year, even though Q1 2024 (the fiscal year starts on March 1st) has not yet been completed.   The parent company, Oliveda International, Inc., also grew by over 450% in Q1 with a strong continuing upward trend.

The Company’s financial results and Disclosure Statement for the period ended March 31, 2024 have been posted to the OTC Markets website at

Olive Tree People and Oliveda founder Thomas Lommel, when asked why his products are growing so fast, said, “Because what we are doing makes for most of the people perfect sense, and the time is ripe for it. Out of 100 to whom our waterless beauty consultants want to explain the waterless movement, 98 are curious and want to without any risk about our 365-day money back guarantee and out of the 98 over 90% come back because of the fast and life changing results.

“Another reason is that more and more people are no longer willing to spend a lot of money on 70% water when, as with most products, water is the first of the ingredients.   We are on track to write between 50 and 100 million in our second year and the potential is almost endless. We now sell a product every 15 seconds in the United States alone.”

When asked about the next three years, Lommel answered, “It is quite possible that in 2025 we will write $300 million in the year the year we intend to uplist, and in the 5th year, we will write our first billion.   In order to ensure this unique growth, which makes Olive Tree People the fastest growing waterless beauty brand in the U.S. and the rest of the world, production in Germany was increased five times, and additional olive tree farmland was purchased.

“Whether we write 5 or 500 million is not important to me personally. What drives me is this company that I started many years ago in my treehouse and that puts the olive tree at its center, from tree to beauty. What bothers me is this beautiful cycle that we have created over the past 20 years, in which we protect the trees, the soil and the earth and leave them as nature intended.   That we obtain the raw material for our life-changing products from our trees and bring the water that we do not use in our products to the people in Africa by building wells there. That is fulfilling and my understanding from holistic beauty,” Mr. Lommel added.

About Oliveda International, Inc. 
Oliveda International, Inc. and its subsidiary, Olive Tree People Inc., as well as the European companies, Olive Tree People Europe AG and Oliveda Deutschland GmbH, as well as Olive Tree Farmers SL, were founded by the German real estate investor Thomas Lommel and have more than 20 years of experience in management and organic certification growing mountain olive trees, in the extraction of first-class, internationally award-winning extra virgin olive oils, the extraction of hydroxytyrosol, and in the production and distribution of cosmetic and holistic waterless products related to the olive tree. Lommel is the inventor of the Olive Tree Therapy 10 years in 14 days as well as the inventor of olive matcha, which is based on the ground olive leaf. Also unique is the coffee replacement developed by Lommel, which is based on olive leaf and hydroxytyrosol. In addition, Lommel is successfully active in the rapidly growing mindfulness industry with the olive tree sound bath meditation he developed and the frequencies of his olive trees, which he makes available worldwide.

In addition to the registered beauty brands, Oliveda and LA Dope, as well as Re:connected to Nature, The Intuition of Nature, and Olive Mush, to name just a few brands, Lommel is the region's largest conservationist and protector of over 30,000 one-hundred-year-old mountain olive trees, and, with his Thomas Lommel Foundation, he brings the water that he does not use into his waterless beauty products to the people of Africa by building water wells on site.

In addition to online sales and a Europe-wide branch network of thousands of retail stores, Oliveda Deutschland GmbH operates its own flagship stores in Berlin and Düsseldorf.

The brand's treatment concepts are unique worldwide, and their effectiveness has been confirmed by conventional medicine. Read our book The Olive Tree Therapy 10 Years in 14 Days. Waterless beauty has been called “The Next Big Thing” in articles in U.S. Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, InStyle, Elle, Madame, Forbes, and many other industry publications, as well as by Mintel, a world-leading futurology institute. Gigi Hadid and many other celebrities are already Oliveda fans and support its success.   Further information on Oliveda International, Inc. and its subsidiaries and associate companies and brands can be found at

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