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Public Pensions Continue Voting For ESG

Political rhetoric around the suitability of ESG investing has turned more heated, yet public pensions continue to show overwhelming support for ESG driven shareholder resolutions. Public pensions’ 88% rate of support for key ESG resolutions outpaced general shareholders’ 56% rate.

Moreover, despite increasing partisanship in 2022, support for ESG resolutions crossed party lines. In this comprehensive report we examine public pension voting by political party.

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Research Library Public Pensions Continue Voting For ESG

What's Inside:

  • A deep dive into public pension funds and their support for environmental, social, and corporate governance issues.
  • Analysis of how a state's partisan leanings shape how its pension funds vote.
  • How key ESG resolution support rates of public pensions compare top 10 asset managers for U.S. sustainable funds.

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