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American Beacon SiM High Yld Opps C SHOCX

Analyst rating as of
NAV / 1-Day Return
9.33  /  0.15 %
Total Assets
1.2 Bil
Adj. Expense Ratio
Expense Ratio
Fee Level
Longest Manager Tenure
9.79 years
US Fund High Yield Bond
Credit Quality / Interest Rate Sensitivity
Low / Limited
Min. Initial Investment
TTM Yield
Effective Duration
4.40 years

Morningstar’s Analysis

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Concentration in Hard-Hit Industries Results in Underperformance; Our Rating Holds

Analyst Note

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American Beacon SiM High Yield Opportunities’ Y share class has dropped 20.6% from the start of the sell-off on Feb. 20, 2020, through March 27, 2020. The strategy has been among the worst performers in the high-yield bond Morningstar Category, suffering greater losses than 95% of distinct peers. Its heavy concentration in industries affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and oil price plunge has contributed to the fund’s underperformance. The portfolio contained significant overweightings to the energy, shipping, and gaming industries, all of which have experienced worse performance in the sell-off than the overall junk bond market.

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