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BlackRock Strategic Global Bond Inv A MDWIX

Medalist Rating as of | See BlackRock Investment Hub
  • NAV / 1-Day Return 5.19  /  0.00 %
  • Total Assets 750.5 Mil
  • Adj. Expense Ratio
  • Expense Ratio 0.820%
  • Distribution Fee Level Low
  • Share Class Type Front Load
  • Category Global Bond
  • Credit Quality / Interest Rate Sensitivity Medium/Extensive
  • Min. Initial Investment 1,000
  • Status Open
  • TTM Yield 2.40%
  • Effective Duration 6.35 years

USD | NAV as of Feb 22, 2024 | 1-Day Return as of Feb 22, 2024, 11:17 PM GMT+0

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Senior Analyst Elbie Louw

Elbie Louw

Senior Analyst


Despite the retirement of Bob Miller in March 2023, the BlackRock Strategic Global Bond team remains impressive and deftly executes a strong investment process. The strategy's Morningstar Medalist Rating of Gold is reaffirmed for its cheapest ‎shares and Silver for its more costly options.‎ In 2015, this ‎strategy was refashioned as a partnership between Rick Rieder's multisector bond team and ‎the firm's global-bond platform. Since then, it had been managed by Rieder, Miller, and Amer Bisat, ‎who were joined by members of the macro-positioning team (Russ Brownback and Trevor Slaven) when former manager Scott Thiel ‎stepped down in October 2018. This group sets the macro picture before sector specialists populate the portfolio holdings. The investment process leverages a very ‎large and experienced pool of investment professionals across the company's global fixed-income ‎platform.‎ A sound process sets a strong framework for this strategy while providing the managers with ample ‎flexibility. Its investable universe includes global government and agency securities, emerging-markets ‎debt, U.S. agency mortgages, global credit instruments, and currencies. It is benchmarked to the ‎unhedged Bloomberg Global Aggregate Bond Index, but the managers have significant ‎leeway when it comes to allocations. For example, at the end of January 2018, the strategy had 47% of ‎its assets invested in emerging-markets debt compared with the benchmark's 5.5%. By the start of the ‎emerging-markets selloff in April, the team had cut that stake in half; by June 2018, it clocked in at ‎‎12%. Similarly, the team swung the U.S. Treasuries exposure from roughly 20% of assets in December 2022 to a net short 30% following the increase in U.S. Treasury rates. That speaks to the managers' latitude, as well as its diligent risk management as the team avoids ‎loading up on multiple types of risks at the same time given its caution in balancing risks. ‎ Overall, the team's valuation-driven moves and macro positioning have worked more often than not, ‎and the resulting performance has been strong. From Sept. 1, 2015, through April 2023, the strategy handily outperformed its Bloomberg Global Aggregate USD benchmark, and the institutional share class bested roughly 90% of the global bond Morningstar Category peer group on both an absolute and risk-‎adjusted basis (as measured by Sharpe ratio).‎

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Portfolio Holdings MDWIX

  • Current Portfolio Date
  • Equity Holdings
  • Bond Holdings
  • Other Holdings
  • % Assets in Top 10 Holdings 8.9
Top 10 Holdings
% Portfolio Weight
Market Value USD

United States Treasury Bills

7.30 53.8 Mil

United States Treasury Bills

5.21 38.4 Mil

Eur Cash(Alpha Committed)

5.13 37.8 Mil
Cash and Equivalents

Deriv Usd Balance With R93535 Cme

4.78 35.2 Mil
Cash and Equivalents

Federal National Mortgage Association 3.5%

3.84 28.2 Mil

China (People's Republic Of) 3.02%

2.04 15.0 Mil

Cash Collateral Usd Xms

2.00 14.7 Mil
Cash and Equivalents

United States Treasury Notes 0.625%

1.53 11.3 Mil
Cash and Equivalents

BlackRock Liquidity T-Fund Instl

1.52 11.2 Mil
Cash and Equivalents

Japan (Government Of) 0.4%

1.44 10.6 Mil