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Nationwide Inv Dest Mod R GMDRX

Medalist Rating as of | See Nationwide Investment Hub
  • NAV / 1-Day Return 8.93  /  +1.02 %
  • Total Assets 670.8 Mil
  • Adj. Expense Ratio
  • Expense Ratio 1.150%
  • Distribution Fee Level Below Average
  • Share Class Type Retirement, Medium
  • Category Moderate Allocation
  • Investment Style Large Blend
  • Credit Quality / Interest Rate Sensitivity
  • Status Open
  • TTM Yield 2.23%
  • Turnover 14%

USD | NAV as of Feb 23, 2024 | 1-Day Return as of Feb 23, 2024, 1:07 AM GMT+0

Morningstar’s Analysis GMDRX

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Layers of complexity and a changing cast

Analyst Vedran Beogradlija

Vedran Beogradlija



Nationwide Investor Destination’s target-risk series adds complexity to an otherwise industry-standard approach, while continued turnover drives concerns on whether the team can support the strategy consistently. The series receives a Morningstar Medalist Rating of Neutral across all shares for the Aggressive fund, while the remaining funds get Neutral for the cheapest shares, and Negative for the most expensive.

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Portfolio Holdings GMDRX

  • Current Portfolio Date
  • Equity Holdings
  • Bond Holdings
  • Other Holdings
  • % Assets in Top 10 Holdings 87.5
Top 10 Holdings
% Portfolio Weight
Market Value USD

Nationwide Bond Portfolio R6

23.18 159.2 Mil

Nationwide Multi-Cap Portfolio R6

20.40 140.0 Mil

Nationwide International Index R6

9.44 64.8 Mil

Nationwide U.S. 130/30 Equity R6

8.97 61.6 Mil

Nationwide Fundamental All Cap Equity R6

5.43 37.3 Mil

Nationwide Loomis Core Bond R6

5.07 34.8 Mil

Nationwide Mid Cap Market Idx R6

4.76 32.7 Mil


4.20 28.8 Mil
Cash and Equivalents

Nationwide Loomis Short Term Bd R6

3.94 27.1 Mil

iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets ETF

3.78 26.0 Mil