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What's on Russ Kinnel’s Radar?

Russ Kinnel: Hi, I'm Russ Kinnel, looking forward to this week's investment conference here in Chicago.

There are three panels I'm particularly looking forward to. One of them is a bond panel featuring Michael Collins of Prudential, Laird Landmann of MetWest, and Sonali Pier of PIMCO. What I'm interested in there is just the economy has been so strong--is it time for the Fed to raise rates? There seems to be a lot of questions around that, and I'd love to hear that macro perspective from the bond managers. Another one I'm interested in is a value discussion featuring David Giroux and Jean Hynes of Wellington on Friday. Value has really been left out for a number of years. Is it time for value to come back, or do managers need to be more flexible about their approach to value? Then, finally, we have an emerging-markets panel on Thursday that has Rajiv Jain, former Manager of the Year, and Richard Sneller of Baillie Gifford. Emerging markets have really lagged in this rally, but generally the idea is emerging markets are supposed to outperform in rallies. I'm curious: Does that mean they're really a good buy, or did emerging markets just miss their chance and it's not that attractive?

Anyway, those are three of the things I'm really interested in. I'm Russ Kinnel with Morningstar.

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