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Simplify Volatility Premium ETF SVOL

Medalist Rating as of | See Simplify Asset Management Investment Hub

Morningstar’s Analysis SVOL

Will SVOL outperform in future?

Get our overall rating based on a fundamental assessment of the pillars below.

A recent fee change and trends in other areas result in an upgrade to Simplify Volatility Premium ETF's Morningstar Medalist Rating to Bronze from Neutral.

null Morningstar Manager Research

Morningstar Manager Research


Fees are a weakness here. The strategy's lofty fees are a high hurdle to clear, as it is priced within the highest quintile among peers.

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Portfolio Holdings SVOL

  • Current Portfolio Date
  • Equity Holdings
  • Bond Holdings
  • Other Holdings
  • % Assets in Top 10 Holdings 66.1
Top 10 Holdings
% Portfolio Weight
Market Value USD

Simp Volatility Prem Cay

42.65 361.3 Mil

United States Treasury Bills 0.29167%

33.95 287.6 Mil

Simplify Aggregate Bond ETF

11.98 101.5 Mil

Simplify High Yield PLUS Credit Hdg ETF

10.61 89.9 Mil

Simplify Stable Income ETF

9.36 79.3 Mil

Simplify MBS ETF

5.25 44.5 Mil

Maintenance Margin Ib

0.01 114,594
Cash and Equivalents

Tun4c 104.000 Comdty

0.00 0

Tun4c 104.500 Comdty

0.00 0

5Ck4p 116.0 Comdty

0.00 0