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Overlay Shares Municipal Bond ETF OVM

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Morningstar’s Analysis OVM

Will OVM outperform in future?

Get our overall rating based on a fundamental assessment of the pillars below.

Weakness in Overlay Shares Municipal Bond ETF's People and Process Pillar ratings limits this strategy to a Morningstar Medalist Rating of Negative.

null Morningstar Manager Research

Morningstar Manager Research


Fees are a weakness here. The strategy's lofty fees are a high hurdle to clear, as it is priced within the second-highest quintile among peers.

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Portfolio Holdings OVM

  • Current Portfolio Date
  • Equity Holdings
  • Bond Holdings
  • Other Holdings
  • % Assets in Top 10 Holdings 99.0
Top 10 Holdings
% Portfolio Weight
Market Value USD

iShares National Muni Bond ETF

99.63 21.2 Mil

Cash Offset

0.45 96,705

First American Government Obligs X

0.31 65,888
Cash and Equivalents

Put On S&P 500 May24

0.25 52,171


0.19 39,397
Cash and Equivalents

Put On S&P 500 May24

0.07 14,253

Put On S&P 500 May24

0.04 7,760

Put On S&P 500 May24

0.03 6,335

Put On S&P 500 May24

−0.15 −30,902

Put On S&P 500 May24

−0.16 −34,090