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Morningstar Managed Portfolio Database

Whole of Market Data with Independent Insight

The Morningstar Managed Portfolio Screener

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Screen whole of market data by provider, strategy, platform availability, fees, Morningstar Portfolio Risk score and Sustainability Globes
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Review and sort on multiple data sets, such as performance, risk, fees and ESG

The Morningstar Managed Portfolio Database, enables advisers to freely research managed portfolios across the only whole of market independent database; using Morningstar Proprietary metrics alongside standardised operational data. This page gives advisers access to the database screener as well as, information about how the data is collected.

Morningstar Insights

The Transparency of Managed Portfolios

Watch why it’s so important to have Transparency for Managed Portfolio Services. The topic is discussed with panellists, Jeremy Beckwith, FCA Technical Specialist, Ryan Hughes, Head of Investment Research at AJ Bell and Morningstar’s Director of Client Solutions, Anastasia Georgiou. Hosted by Ollie Smith, Morningstar’s UK Editor.

Morningstar Research Report

Unlike the unitised fund space, comprehensive and widely available data on managed portfolios has been lacking, this report presents an overview of some of our analyst’s key findings.

Costs, Returns, and Risk

Managed portfolios provide lower total and risk-adjusted net return than equivalent category indexes. Unlike the unitised fund space, comprehensive and widely available data on managed portfolios has been lacking, this report presents an overview of some of our analyst’s key findings.

How We Collect and Validate Data

Morningstar’s mission statement is to empower investor success. With the use of Managed Portfolios becoming more prevalent, it’s important that we make this data accessible and comparable to advisers. Morningstar do not charge providers of managed portfolios to collect, disseminate and calculate their data and multiple metrics, such as the Morningstar Portfolio Risk Score or the Morningstar Sustainability Globes.

Quality of data is extremely important to us.To ensure data is of the highest quality, all contributors to the database sign the attached attestation document.

Morningstar Calculation

Morningstar Portfolio Risk Score

The Morningstar Portfolio Risk score is an absolute score that can be applied across all investment types, regions and at the client portfolio level.

Morningstar Holdings Based Performance Calculation

Using the reported portfolio holdings, Holdings-Based Return calculations result in a Total Return Index, or TRI.

Morningstar Sustainability Ratings

The globe ratings are a measure of how well a fund's holdings are managing their ESG Risks relative to the fund's peer group.

Morningstar Products

Morningstar DirectSM

The Managed Portfolio Database is available in our flagship software product, Morningstar Direct, which helps you redefine the way you work––and grow––with research you can trust, insights you can act on, and tools built to fit your day-to-day.

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Morningstar Essentials

Are you sending the right message to investors about your firm’s portfolios? Use Morningstar's trusted investment research to connect with them.

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Morningstar Managed Portfolios

Morningstar’s professionally managed portfolios, designed to help advisers stay on track with their financial goals.

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Morningstar Data

Informed by our research expertise, we categorize our fund, company, and real-time market data on a singular methodology to enable a comprehensively mapped system of securities, collectives, and analytics. This data concordance powers the most unique and multifaceted insights.

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