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Morningstar Data

Discover our data solutions for retail and institutional audiences that span over 600,000 investment offerings across managed investments, equities, indexes and more.

Managed Investments

Our coverage extends to include hundreds of thousands of managed products, including our core investments across open and closed end funds, models and managed accounts, variable annuities and more, with consistency across investment universes for precise comparisons.

Entities & Securities

Primarily sourced from company filings, our company and security level data includes over 500 calculated data points built from robust methodologies across fundamental and complementary data sets to help clients build better portfolios.

Morningstar Indexes

A robust range of indexes across all major asset classes, styles, and strategies for making asset allocation decisions, benchmarking investment performance, and creating index-linked investable products.


We’re continuously evolving to meet the needs of our clients, expanding into new markets to grow our coverage and cover the whole portfolio.

We believe data is only as useful as it is accessible. That’s why we continuously develop flexible ways to deliver data to our clients, around the globe.