Financial Planning Solutions

Best-interest advice for a changing world

As regulations and client expectations intensify, advisors must deliver more value more efficiently than ever before. From deepening risk assessments to creating comprehensive plans, our financial planning offerings––backed by Morningstar’s extensive data, research, ratings, and portfolio analytics–– give you the power to help clients meet their goals and live their best lives.

Flexible ways to grow your business

Stay competitive by scaling your business without losing personal touch. Whether your clients want comprehensive financial planning or more streamlined investment planning and proposals, our tools can be adapted to meet the entire spectrum of investor needs.

Advice that ties it all together

Go beyond risk tolerance and get a complete picture of each client’s financial situation. Our tools help uncover risk capacity, goals, and more so you can deliver comprehensive, personalized recommendations that meet regulatory requirements.

Tools you can trust

For more than 35 years, we’ve been committed to helping advisors and their clients succeed for the long term. That’s why we’ve put the full weight of our strengths––data, research, and design––into supporting the future of financial planning across the globe.

Built on independent research
Rigorous investment and behavioural research underpins our solutions, so you can support your decisions with data-driven context.

Adapted to your technology needs
Our tools flex to your technology infrastructure and budget, so you can use them independently or as components and APIs integrated into your existing tools.

Tailored to regional regulations
With offices in 27 countries, we’re up to speed on the latest regulations. Our solutions meet you wherever you are and reflect requirements for your region.

Built on high-quality data
Our extensive performance, fee, and independent ratings data helps you research, compare, and select best-interest recommendations. 

What we offer

Intuitive financial planning tools that bring your clients’ goals to life

Risk profiling 

Find the optimal level of investment risk for your clients with FinaMetrica Profiler, built on our academically validated psychometric risk-tolerance assessment.

Financial planning 

Tailor advice to the needs of your client base with ProPlanner, a broad set of tools that can model outcomes for a range of financial complexities, including high-net-worth plans.

Portfolio monitoring

Tackle your compliance and risk-management needs with ProTracker, which monitors the effects of your clients’ investment decisions against their goals and risk profiles to determine the ongoing suitability of their portfolios.

Provide data and information for advisors to performance. run their own analysis and determine reasonable recommendations. Surface curated analysis and insights, offering guidance for best-interest-based decisions and goal planning.

Investment planning 

Build portfolios to match target policy with our investment planning tools. Use your own investment models, approved lists, and our robust portfolio analytics data.

Deeper client conversations 

With Goal Bridge, uncover the goals that are most meaningful to your clients, then quickly connect those goals to an easy-to-understand investment plan, all in a single tool.

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