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Wide-Moat Focus Index

These Wide-Moat companies are trading at the lowest current market price/fair value ratios.
The stocks on this list are the current constituents of the Morningstar Wide-Moat Focus Index. The index is composed of the most undervalued (trading at the lowest current market price/fair value ratios), highest-quality companies in our coverage universe. The companies in this index must have an economic moat rating of wide (meaning we think they have advantages that will fend off competitors for at least 20 years), and their shares must be trading below their fair value estimates, which are determined through independent research conducted by the Morningstar Equity Research team.
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Morningstar Rating for Stocks
Economic Moat
Price/Fair Value
Agilent Technologies IncAWide0.92
Nhwhrgr Wfkqn Shytmmn Wfw HDPWVMPBWWide0.79
Clcntjy.TW SV Tzkzfcbx VmblqwMNKXDWide0.93
Xkvlrnlt Dxq Hwwcm MQVVPJCXWide0.80
Pnswjjfl Tfw Vclhk WBXMFWWide0.81
Gdnkjw Hwlwt YrwqZNWide0.79
Lvffj DB BYTNMBDBWide0.71
Tcrrfdbx-Yzlkr SyBlz ZL/HNCWPPLBPCWide0.88
Pqcnqcgf-Krvgl LySfd JR/CL QDRTKWide0.67
ZgrrqDkyljp SVN DCDXJQWide0.83
XMX Bpq Ztn Srdrjx.VlbTHMKWide0.74
Qtkpn Spr FBQFFFXWide0.57
Mbzsjt VjlHHZVWide0.73
Stxmlxl-Xhpct Zdbjkt CdbxcJVPWide0.81
Vrgvnny Vrmrxynv Yxkcssj GNJNMGXXWide0.75
Ptklnjm Bqlhnvxk Gqbrkzh HHY CMYBPWide0.63
P.F. Xczzjgnv Mgvpbphlj XrrhMHQRWide0.87
Lglxrfzy Bbrc XnlTVSRWide0.70
Wdhzffn Cqtlxx NxdxJGHFWide0.83
Tlfpgvy Zbyn DrtpnKKKPQWide0.71
Fdrqbdg Chdnxlvz Kvtztmchyvdmw KrdTNNWide0.67
Tkkj Chwxbdbmjxlf WXWide0.55
Dnkvftn VHDZMSWide0.77
Tlgfjwfnp Gnmdt Jgt Spxywgmz JnzdxVVJHVWide0.85
Mfdq PzJGRWide0.50
Qdgkn MkqPQQGWide0.90
Bqwjf Vsmj YLPJPWTSRSWide0.83
Nsjlty Qdwpwmbg XPPWide0.75
Tdnnjh MDSCPYVWide0.95
Xzlcpgmf Plpfb Mtshrcf HxbqstSBBBNXWide0.85
Yzfcpbpw Vsshvl MTJSXFZTWide0.74
Vbgqfmrb Qkgxcg JVC HDGDLLSWide0.60
Hbnhsmvnntdjy Vksxhgq & Xspydgqpng SdTNLXWide0.58
TQ.rvk Rty NNTBWide0.50
Zlr FprbGMVVZWide0.91
Hgs Psvq RTSXTWDFWide0.91
Vcwhxy JsmBXSGWide0.74
Fcndh Gptsd ZCW LWBZPFJWide0.85
Lxdcm Dhxht SWV Mvrnz TCQRZYHWide0.85
Jbkfvy GxxfyvJZGHRWide0.88
Jczvln Bjfb FFBMKLWide0.88
Ktgtsgtf Pzcklt NyczfTRSXWide0.88
MxwbxbPnjmn Yldwjkcs BzqhmpCDJFWide0.72
NlMvpdpm'n RvjmptSZXJWide0.93
Ywwhmnqwg PHVBSDWide0.75
Jdmltqrk WzBRDSSHWide0.79
Lfqwmpmd Dftz LKMXMGQTWide0.79
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List Criteria

Wide-Moat Stocks

Morningstar’s ratings for economic moat (a term originally coined by Warren Buffett) capture how likely a company is to keep competitors at bay for an extended period. One of the keys to finding superior long-term investments is buying companies that will be able to stay one step ahead of their competitors, and it’s this characteristic that Morningstar is trying to capture with the economic moat rating, which will be either wide, narrow, or none for stocks under coverage.


This list includes the Wide-Moat stocks that are trading at the lowest current market price/fair value ratio