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Don Phillips

Don Phillips is a managing director for Morningstar. He joined the company in 1986 as its first mutual fund analyst and soon became editor of its flagship print publication, Morningstar® Mutual Funds™, establishing the editorial voice for which the company is best known. He helped to develop the Morningstar Style Box™, the Morningstar Rating™, and other distinctive, proprietary Morningstar innovations that have become industry standards. Phillips has served in a variety of leadership roles at Morningstar, most recently head of global Research, before paring back his schedule to take on a part-time, non-management role. He has served on Morningstar’s board of directors since 1999, and he also serves on the board of directors for Morningstar Japan. Phillips holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Texas and a master's degree from the University of Chicago.


Great to Good
Asset management firms enter a whole new world.