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Samantha Lamas

Samantha Lamas is a behavioral researcher at Morningstar. She is a recent recipient of the Montgomery-Warschauer Award for her research in financial planning.

Lamas' research focuses on investor engagement and the factors that drive people's decision-making about investing and money. Her work delves into how people think about their financial goals, what they look for when seeking financial advice, and what kinds of mental shortcuts people use when making decisions about their personal finances.

Lamas joined Morningstar in 2016 as a product consultant working directly with the individual investor and advisor audience segments before moving into a research role.

Lamas holds a bachelor's degree in business with a concentration in finance from Dominican University. Follow Lamas on Twitter at @SamanthaLamas4 and on LinkedIn.


How to Talk to Investors About Sustainable Investing
As sustainable investing becomes more common, it is important that industry professionals are able to effectively introduce and talk about the subject with clients. This is no easy task, as sustainable investing is multidimensional, with novel nomenclature and lacking industry-level consensus around its core features.