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Strive Asset Management ETFs

View all of Strive Asset Management’s ETFs and start searching for your next investment. Below are pre-screened investment lists to kickstart the process. All lists can be further sorted by data points such as Morningstar Ratings, Total Return Rankings, Expense Ratio and Morningstar Category.

Strive Asset Management ETF List

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Morningstar Category
Morningstar Rating for Funds
Morningstar Sustainability Rating
Total Return
Total Return Rank in Category
Adjusted Expense Ratio
Strive 1000 Dividend Growth ETFSTXDLarge Blend11.98%770.350%
Strive 1000 Growth ETFSTXGLarge Growth19.20%520.180%
Strive 1000 Value ETFSTXVLarge Value9.89%560.180%
Strive 500 ETFSTRVLarge Blend17.19%310.055%
Strive Emerging Markets Ex-China ETFSTXEDiversified Emerging Mkts8.38%400.320%
Strive Enhanced Income Short MaturityETFBUXXUltrashort Bond3.43%280.250%
Strive FAANG 2.0 ETFFTWOMiscellaneous Sector13.11%0.490%
Strive International Developed Mkts ETFSTXIForeign Large Blend0.290%
Strive Mid-Cap ETFSTXMMid-Cap Blend0.180%
Strive Small-Cap ETFSTXKSmall Blend8.19%720.180%
Strive Total Return Bond ETFSTXTIntermediate Core-Plus Bond1.39%400.490%
Strive U.S. Energy ETFDRLLEquity Energy6.15%760.410%
Strive U.S. Semiconductor ETFSHOCTechnology24.87%170.400%

Strive Asset Management ETFs - Default List Criteria

This list shows only funds that are open to new purchases or limited and does not include funds that are closed to new investments.

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