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BondBloxx Investment Management LLC ETFs

View all of BondBloxx Investment Management LLC’s ETFs and start searching for your next investment. Below are pre-screened investment lists to kickstart the process. All lists can be further sorted by data points such as Morningstar Ratings, Total Return Rankings, Expense Ratio and Morningstar Category.

BondBloxx Investment Management LLC ETF List

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Morningstar Category
Morningstar Rating for Funds
Morningstar Sustainability Rating
Total Return
Total Return Rank in Category
Adjusted Expense Ratio
BondBloxx B Rated USD Hi Yld Corp Bd ETFXBHigh Yield Bond3.89%690.300%
BondBloxx BB Rated USD HY Corp Bd ETFXBBHigh Yield Bond3.90%690.200%
BondBloxx BBB Rated 1-5 Yr Corp Bd ETFBBBSShort-Term Bond0.190%
BondBloxx BBB Rated 10+ Yr Corp Bd ETFBBBLLong-Term Bond0.190%
BondBloxx BBB Rated 5-10 Yr Corp Bd ETFBBBICorporate Bond0.190%
BondBloxx Bloomberg FiveYrTrgDurUSTrsETFXFIVIntermediate Government0.74%290.050%
BondBloxx Bloomberg One YrTrgDurUSTrsETFXONEShort Government2.48%210.030%
BondBloxx Bloomberg SevenYrTrgDurUSTrETFXSVNLong Government−0.18%40.050%
BondBloxx Bloomberg SixMthTrgDurUSTrsETFXHLFShort Government2.76%150.030%
BondBloxx Bloomberg Ten YrTrgDurUSTrsETFXTENLong Government−1.28%130.080%
BondBloxx Bloomberg ThreeYrTrgDurUSTrETFXTREShort Government1.39%930.050%
BondBloxx Bloomberg TwentyYrTrgDuUSTrETFXTWYLong Government−6.40%870.130%
BondBloxx Bloomberg Two YrTrgDurUSTrsETFXTWOShort Government1.84%610.050%
BondBloxx CCC Rated USD HY Corp Bd ETFXCCCHigh Yield Bond3.55%830.400%
BondBloxx IR+M Tax-Awr Shrt Dur ETFTAXXMuni National Short0.350%
BondBloxx JP Morgan USD EM 1-10 Yr BdETFXEMDEmerging Markets Bond5.07%250.290%
BondBloxx US HY Cnsmr Cyclcls Sctr ETFXHYCHigh Yield Bond4.89%200.350%
BondBloxx US HY Cnsmr N-Cyclcls Sctr ETFXHYDHigh Yield Bond3.49%850.350%
BondBloxx US HY Telecm Md Tech Sctr ETFXHYTHigh Yield Bond0.15%1000.350%
BondBloxx US Hg Yld Fncl & REIT Str ETFXHYFHigh Yield Bond4.75%250.350%
BondBloxx US High Yield Energy Sctr ETFXHYEHigh Yield Bond5.53%80.350%
BondBloxx US High Yield Hlthcr Sctr ETFXHYHHigh Yield Bond6.97%20.350%
BondBloxx US High Yield Indstrl Sctr ETFXHYIHigh Yield Bond4.40%400.350%
BondBloxx USD High Yld Bd Sect Rot ETFHYSAHigh Yield Bond3.99%620.550%

BondBloxx Investment Management LLC ETFs - Default List Criteria

This list shows only funds that are open to new purchases or limited and does not include funds that are closed to new investments.

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