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View all of BMO’s ETFs and start searching for your next investment. Below are pre-screened investment lists to kickstart the process. All lists can be further sorted by data points such as Morningstar Ratings, Total Return Rankings, Expense Ratio and Morningstar Category.


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Morningstar Category
Morningstar Rating for Funds
Morningstar Sustainability Rating
Total Return
Total Return Rank in Category
Adjusted Expense Ratio
MAX Airlines -3X Inverse Leveraged ETNJETDTrading—Inverse Equity−9.65%0.950%
MAX Airlines 3X Leveraged ETNJETUTrading—Leveraged Equity−6.90%0.950%
MAX S&P 500 4X Leveraged ETNSPYUTrading—Leveraged Equity44.05%
Max Auto Industry -3X Inverse Lvrgd ETNCARDTrading—Inverse Equity−2.18%0.950%
Max Auto Industry 3X Leveraged ETNCARUTrading—Leveraged Equity−24.15%0.950%
MicroSectorsTM Oil&Gs Exp&Pd 3X Lvg ETNsOILUTrading—Leveraged Equity2.84%0.950%
MicroSectorsTM Ol&Gs E&P -3X Inv Lg ETNsOILDTrading—Inverse Equity−16.35%0.950%
MicroSectors™ Energy -3X Invrs Lvrgd ETNWTIDTrading—Inverse Equity−20.19%0.950%
MicroSectors™ Energy 3X Leveraged ETNWTIUTrading—Leveraged Equity0.950%
MicroSectors™ FANG+™ -3X Invrs Lvrgd ETNFNGDTrading—Inverse Equity−56.12%0.950%
MicroSectors™ FANG+™ 2X Leveraged ETNFNGOTrading—Leveraged Equity55.84%0.950%
MicroSectors™ FANG+™ 3X Leveraged ETNFNGUTrading—Leveraged Equity86.47%0.950%
MicroSectors™ FANG+™ ETNFNGSTechnology28.35%0.580%
MicroSectors™ Gold -3X Inverse Lvrgd ETNDULLTrading—Inverse Commodities−30.55%0.950%
MicroSectors™ Gold 3X Leveraged ETNSHNYTrading—Leveraged Commodities25.09%0.950%
MicroSectors™ Gold Miners 3X Lvrgd ETNGDXUTrading—Leveraged Commodities−2.79%0.950%
MicroSectors™ Gold Mns 3X Inv Lvrgd ETNGDXDTrading—Inverse Commodities−39.60%0.950%
MicroSectors™ Slct FANG Inn 3X Lvgd ETNsBULZTrading—Leveraged Equity48.77%0.950%
MicroSectors™ St FANG&Inn 3X Inv Ld ETNsBERZTrading—Inverse Equity−47.40%0.950%
MicroSectors™ Travel -3X Inv Lvgd ETNsFLYDTrading—Inverse Equity−13.65%0.950%
MicroSectors™ Travel 3X Leveraged ETNsFLYUTrading—Leveraged Equity−5.41%0.950%
MicroSectors™ US Bg Bnks 3X Inv Lgd ETNBNKDTrading—Inverse Equity−22.51%0.950%
MicroSectors™ US Big Banks 3X Lvrgd ETNBNKUTrading—Leveraged Equity15.73%0.950%
MicroSectors™ US Big Oil -3X Ivs Lgd ETNNRGDTrading—Inverse Equity−17.04%0.950%
MicroSectors™ US Big Oil 3X Lvrgd ETNNRGUTrading—Leveraged Equity7.40%0.950%

BMO ETFs - Default List Criteria

This list shows only funds that are open to new purchases or limited and does not include funds that are closed to new investments.

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