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Barclays ETFs

View all of Barclays’s ETFs and start searching for your next investment. Below are pre-screened investment lists to kickstart the process. All lists can be further sorted by data points such as Morningstar Ratings, Total Return Rankings, Expense Ratio and Morningstar Category.

Barclays ETF List

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Morningstar Category
Morningstar Rating for Funds
Morningstar Sustainability Rating
Total Return
Total Return Rank in Category
Adjusted Expense Ratio
Barclays ETN+ Select MLPATMPEnergy Limited Partnership15.56%0.950%
iPath® Asian & Gulf Ccy Reval ETNPGDDFEmerging-Markets Local-Currency Bond−0.14%0.890%
iPath® B S&P 500® VIX Md-Trm Futs™ ETNVXZTrading—Miscellaneous−14.12%0.890%
iPath® B S&P 500® VIX S/T Futs™ ETNVXXTrading—Miscellaneous−27.77%0.890%
iPath® Bloomberg Agriculture SubTR ETNJJATFCommodities Focused0.07%0.750%
iPath® Bloomberg Aluminum SubTR ETNJJUFFCommodities Focused4.75%0.750%
iPath® Bloomberg Cmdty TR ETNDJPCommodities Broad Basket7.21%0.700%
iPath® Bloomberg Coffee SubTR ETNJJOFFCommodities Focused23.53%0.750%
iPath® Bloomberg Copper SubTR ETNJJCTFCommodities Focused17.70%0.750%
iPath® Bloomberg Cotton SubTR ETNBALTFCommodities Focused−12.35%0.750%
iPath® Bloomberg Energy SubTR ETNJJETFCommodities Focused11.28%0.750%
iPath® Bloomberg Grains SubTR ETNJJGTFCommodities Focused−7.41%0.750%
iPath® Bloomberg Ind Metals SubTR ETNJJMTFCommodities Focused−4.11%0.750%
iPath® Bloomberg Livestock SubTR ETNCOWTFCommodities Focused10.21%0.750%
iPath® Bloomberg Nickel SubTR ETNJJNTFCommodities Focused6.12%0.750%
iPath® Bloomberg Platinum SubTR ETNPGMFFCommodities Focused2.25%0.750%
iPath® Bloomberg Prec Metals SubTR ETNJJPFFCommodities Focused16.49%0.750%
iPath® Bloomberg Softs SubTR ETNJJSSFCommodities Focused0.750%
iPath® Bloomberg Sugar SubTR ETNSGGFFCommodities Focused1.76%0.750%
iPath® Bloomberg Tin SubTR ETNJJTFFCommodities Focused31.48%0.750%
iPath® CBOE S&P 500 BuyWrite ETNBWVTFDerivative Income7.46%0.750%
iPath® EUR/USD Exchange Rate ETNEROTFSingle Currency−3.95%0.400%
iPath® GBP/USD Exchange Rate ETNGBBEFSingle Currency1.58%0.400%
iPath® GEMS Asia 8 ETNAYTEFEmerging-Markets Local-Currency Bond−3.59%0.890%
iPath® GEMS ETNJEMTFEmerging-Markets Local-Currency Bond−0.33%0.890%

Barclays ETFs - Default List Criteria

This list shows only funds that are open to new purchases or limited and does not include funds that are closed to new investments.

Quick Definitions: Key Morningstar Terms

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