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Mary Beth Franklin: To Fix Social Security, 'Everybody Is Going to Have to Be Unhappy'

The retirement columnist and Social Security guru discusses the pandemic's implications for retirement planning and how to ensure Social Security's solvency into the future.

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Our guest this week is Social Security and retirement planning expert Mary Beth Franklin. Mary Beth is president of RetirePro and a contributing editor to InvestmentNews. She's a frequent public speaker and she also has her own podcast, "Retirement Repair Shop." In addition to her deep knowledge about retirement planning, Mary Beth is a virtual encyclopedia on the ins and outs of Social Security, especially beneficial claiming strategies. Her most recent book is Maximizing Social Security Retirement Benefits: Everything You Need to Know to Get the Most Out of Complicated New Claiming Rules. Prior to joining InvestmentNews, Mary Beth was tax editor at Kiplinger’s Personal Finance and a Capitol Hill reporter at United Press International. She has also earned the Certified Financial Planner designation.