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Mark Miller: Remaking Retirement

Medicare for All: What's in It for Seniors?

As debate heats up, contributor Mark Miller looks at Medicare's current shortcomings and how single-payer plans propose to fix them.

Run an internet search for "Medicare for All and seniors," and you'll see plenty of posts explaining just how harmful single payer health care would be for retirees.

The Medicare for All debate is just starting, with many questions yet to be answered. But don’t be too quick to assume that Medicare for All would take away something that seniors enrolled in the current Medicare program now enjoy. Just the opposite: The proposals circulating in both the House and Senate would improve Medicare by eliminating the program's most glaring coverage gaps for long-term care insurance, and for dental care, vision and hearing. The bills also would eliminate cost-sharing, meaning that one of traditional Medicare's weakness would be gone--the absence of a cap on total out-of-pocket spending.