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This Large-Growth Fund Is Worth Watching

American Beacon SGA Global Growth is on our radar with its seasoned management and above-average emerging-markets exposure.


Connor Young: American Beacon SGA Global Growth features a seasoned management team and is on our radar. Comanagers George Fraise, Gordon Marchand, and Rob Rohn of subadvisor Sustainable Growth Advisors focus on established large-cap firms they believe have strong levels of cash flow available to shareholders--a conservative variant of free cash flow. 

The three have overseen this fund since its December 2010 inception, and they've built a solid long-term record deploying similar stock-picking techniques at John Hancock U.S. Global Leaders Growth. The managers here invest with conviction, typically stashing one third of the portfolio's assets in its top 10 holdings. They pay little attention to the MSCI ACWI Index; notably, the fund tends to have a heavy emerging-markets stake.

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