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Online Meeting Scheduling Software: A Win for Clients and Advisors

These tools can make booking client meetings more efficient.

Meeting with clients is an essential component of maintaining a strong relationship and level of service in any financial advisory business. For many advisors, client meetings may be the primary way they spend their time and add value. Yet for as much time as we spend in meetings with clients (in-person or virtually), the scheduling of each meeting typically consumes precious time that is wasted on games of phone tag or never-ending email chains, all just to find a mutually convenient time to actually meet in the first place!

Thankfully, a number of tools exist to help make this process less time consuming for you, your staff, and your clients. With online meeting scheduling software, you provide a link to your calendar (or multiple calendars) so clients can view your updated availability in real-time from their computer or mobile device, and book or request a meeting directly. Many of the scheduling tools allow you to collect information in advance of the meeting, such as important contact information, and customize what information is collected and/or provided based on the meeting type (such as a prospect introduction or an existing client review). Once booked and confirmed, the time is reserved on your calendar, and clients can receive confirmation emails, reminders, and/or calendar invites with location or online meeting information.