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Who Deserves Manager of the Year Honors for 2017? Readers Weigh In

Christine Benz

Morningstar's manager research analysts determine which fund managers are nominated for and are ultimately awarded Morningstar's Fund Manager of the Year awards; the winners will be announced live on Jan. 24 during CNBC's "Power Lunch" program.

But if readers had a say in it,  T. Rowe Price Capital Appreciation (PRWCX) skipper Dave Giroux will bring home the bacon. Not only did Giroux thoroughly dominate the allocation/alternatives category (no reader dared utter anyone else's name in those groups), but he received more votes than any manager in any other category in a recent Discuss forum thread. Giroux cleaned up in the last "Reader's Choice" poll, too, and he also received Morningstar's Allocation Manager of the Year award in 2012--the first year in which Morningstar named a winner for that group.

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