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An Emerging-Markets Trifecta

This ETF provides broad and low-cost exposure to an attractively valued market.

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IShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets (IEMG) offers broad exposure to large-, mid-, and small-cap companies across 23 emerging markets, including Taiwan and South Korea. Its rock-bottom fee and inclusion of small-cap companies set it apart from its peers in the diversified emerging-markets Morningstar Category. Its market-cap-weighting approach promotes low turnover but also creates significant exposure to individual country risk.

Despite the inclusion of 23 emerging markets, China (26%), South Korea (15%), and Taiwan (13%) jointly account for more than half of the portfolio, owing to their large relative size. The same three countries make up less than 40% of the typical actively managed fund in the category. MSCI, the firm behind the fund's index, is also considering adding China A-Shares, which would further increase the fund's allocation to Chinese stocks.

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