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Your 2016 Financial To-Do List: Month by Month

A month-by-month framework covering everything from your portfolio to taxes to getting organized.

As the new year dawns, many investors start out with the best of intentions. They plan to scrupulously document their spending, stick to a budget, pay down debt, and kick up their investment contributions. They aim to overhaul their portfolios so they're in line with their asset-allocation targets and to ensure that all of their holdings are best of breed. And don't forget getting organized and creating a will--two tasks that perennially appear on many folks' to-do lists.

Trouble is, that's too much radical change--and too much work--to tackle in a short period of time. Individual investors stand a better chance of getting their financial houses in order if they tackle their to-dos in manageable pieces rather than letting themselves get overwhelmed by all they have to do.