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Growth on a Roll

Growth stocks have paced this year's market, especially among large caps.

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So far in 2012, big has been beautiful, at least among U.S. stock funds. Indeed, although they've experienced significant outflows this year, the large-growth, large-blend, and large-value peer groups sit atop the category performance tables for the year to date through Sept. 30. Growth has been the clear winner. A gain of roughly 16% for the average large-growth fund surpasses the large-blend and large-value norms by 1.7 and 2.5 percentage points, respectively.

The picture is mixed among mid-cap offerings--the mid-growth and mid-value averages both hover near 13%--but growth has also led the way among small-cap funds. The margin of victory hasn't been as wide in that part of the market. Nonetheless, the typical small-growth fund has surpassed the average small-blend offering by roughly 80 basis points. It has bested the small-value norm by 1.5 points, too.

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