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A Fund You'll Be Hearing More About

Despite its volatility, investors have enjoyed most of this intriguing fund's outperformance.

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MassMutual Select Focused Value (MFVSX) doesn't have an enormous asset base. It isn't led by a household-name manager, and it's not widely available, either. Despite those apparent disadvantages, it's an intriguing fund nonetheless, one that we'll soon provide analyst coverage for and that lends itself to an illustration of Morningstar's analytical pillars: performance, parent, people, process, and price.

Performance: Rocky but Rewarding
Through Sept. 8, 2011, Select Focused Value ranks in the large-blend category's top decile in all trailing periods of three years or more. (Its one-year return lands in the peer group’s 12th percentile.) Based on the fund's similarly strong dollar-weighted returns, which account for money flows into and out its coffers, investors have enjoyed most of its outperformance, too.

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