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How to Get Into Good Funds With Limited Availability

Save time by knowing whether you can get into these mutual funds.

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Most of the time we write about funds that are widely available in either no-load or load channels. But there are other funds that have more-limited availability that are worth the effort of tracking down. Today, I'll spell out some of the best in this group and tell you how to get in. My hope is that this will save you some time and spare you the frustration of trying to buy a position in a fund that isn't readily available.

If you know of other ways to get into these funds than the way I've written about, please post a comment below.

DFA Funds
Dimensional Fund Advisers was a pioneer in passive investing and it still runs some of the best passively managed funds. Rather than trying to match an index perfectly, DFA aims to be close, while providing liquidity in order to capture the bid-ask spread. Most index funds tend to take a haircut on bid-ask spreads. In effect, they are passive when it comes to stock selection but active with their trading. You can see the success of this approach by comparing results of DFA's small-cap funds with those of other index funds.

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